Ming-Yu Liu is a principal research scientist at NVIDIA Research. Before joining NVIDIA in 2016, he was a principal research scientist at Mitsubishi Electric Research Labs (MERL). He received his Ph.D. from the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Maryland College Park in 2012. His object pose estimation system was awarded one of hundred most innovative technology products by the R&D magazine in 2014. His street scene understanding paper was selected in the best paper finalist in the 2015 Robotics Science and System (RSS) conference. In CVPR 2018, he won the 1st place in both the Domain Adaptation for Semantic Segmentation Competition in the WAD challenge and the Optical Flow Competition in the Robust Vision Challenge. His research focus is on generative models for image generation and understanding. His goal is to enable machines superhuman-like imagination capabilities.

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Recent Research Focus

vid2vid Video-to-Video Synthesis (arxiv 2018)

MUNIT Multimodal unsupervised image-to-image translation (ECCV 2018)

FastPhotoStyle Transfer style of a real photo to another real photo (ECCV 2018)

pix2pixHD High-res image synthesis and semantic manipulation (CVPR 2018)

CoupledGAN Unsupervised image-to-image translation (NIPS 2016, NIPS 2017)
Left: input; right: machine-generated

MoCoGAN for video generation (CVPR 2018)

Other Research